Unclutter your iPhone by Finding and Deleting Unused Apps

In Apple devices, it is very easy to locate and remove redundant apps. People often end up downloading more apps than they need. These apps clutter the home and other screens and make the device disorganized. If you want to make more space on your iPhone, then deleting such apps may be the way to go.

Just browse the screens of your iOS device. Do you have way too many apps? Do you often end up browsing screen after screen, trying to locate an app? What about those Trivia and other gaming apps that you downloaded after seeing an ad about them, but never got around to even opening them. Well, you can easily clean up your iPhone and remove the apps you do not use.

How to find and remove unused apps?

  1. To check the last time you opened an app on your iPhone, open Settings.
  2. Tap on General and select iPhone Storage.
  3. Now all the apps will be listed in the order of the storage space used by them.
  4. Below the name of each app, you will see the Last Used status.
  5. If an app has never been opened, then the status will read “Never Used.”
  6. Select the app you want to remove from your iPhone and tap on it.
  7. Choose the Delete option.
  8. In the confirmation prompt, tap on Delete App.

How to Offload Apps on iPhone?

iOS users can offload apps they haven’t been using. Offloading apps refers to automatically removing the apps that haven’t been used while keeping all the app data and documents. When you reinstall the app, all the data will be restored, provided that the application is still accessible in the Apple App Store.

  1. To offload any app, just go to Settings and tap on iTunes and App Stores.
  2. Scroll down and toggle the switch next to Offload Unused Apps to On/Green position.

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